Apparatus Assignment

  • An apparatus assignment confers rights on a person to use spectrum to operate a network facility of a specified kind at a specified frequency or in any specified frequency band or bands.
  • In addition to the conditions imposed under regulation 10 of the Spectrum Regulations 2000, the Commission may impose other condition(s) on an apparatus assignment as stipulated in regulation 22 of the Spectrum Regulations 2000.
  • The apparatus assignment, when issued is valid for a maximum period of five (5) years or a lesser period as may be specified in the apparatus assignment.
  • Except for aircraft, ship and amateur, continue use of apparatus assignment is subject to annual re-application of apparatus assignment
  • Refer to Apparatus Assignment

In the Spectrum Regulations 2000, an apparatus and apparatus assignment has been interpreted as:

“Apparatus” includes-

  • Any transmitter or receiver or a combination of both including any accessory equipment;
  • Any other device or equipment which either alone or together with one or more other devices or equipment is capable of interfering with or being subject to interference by electromagnetic radiation; or
  • Any device which can be used for the purposes of radiocommunications-based network facilities, network services or applications services”.

Apparatus Assignment

  • An apparatus assignment authorises a person to use one or more specified frequency bands to operate an apparatus of a specified kind or for a specified purpose. The conditions that may be imposed on an apparatus assignment include the standard and additional conditions that applicable to all types of apparatus assignments. The standard and additional conditions for an apparatus assignment are set out in regulations 10 and 22 of the Spectrum Regulations 2000, respectively.
  • Regulation 20 of the Spectrum Regulations 2000 states that no person shall use or operate any apparatus which is of the type specified in the First Schedule except with an apparatus assignment being duly assigned.
  • While the Commission may grant an apparatus assignment to a person, the apparatus assignment holder does not have a monopoly to use the frequency or a right of continued tenure in respect of the frequency.
  • The fees that are applicable to an apparatus assignment comprises fixed and variable fees. The fixed fees is based on the type of apparatus whereas variable fee is based on the bandwidth used. Table A and Table B in the First Schedule of the Spectrum Regulation 2000 shows the fixed and variable fee, respectively.