Frequency Bands

Frequency bands for Amateur Radio Class B are as follows:

  Frequency (MHz) Max Power Level** (Watts PEP or as otherwise Indicated) Classes Of Emission
HF 7.000 – 7.200 50 A3C, A3E, D3C, H3E, J3E, J3F, F1B (except Morse code), F1D, F1E, F2D, F3C, F3E, F3F, F8W, G1B (except Morse code), G1D, G1E, R3E
28.000 – 29.700
VHF 50.000 – 54.000
144.000 – 148.000
UHF 430.000 – 440.000*

* Allocation to amateur service is on secondary basis for the whole band or part of the band.  Usage is subject to non-interference to primary services.

Amateur Class B