Fixed Satelite Service

Fixed Satelite Service is defined as a radiocommunication service between earth stations at given positions, when one or more satellites are used; the given position may be a specified fixed point or any fixed point within specified areas; in some cases this service includes satellite to satellite links, which may also be operated in the inter-satellite service; the fixed-satellite service may also include feeder links for other space radiocommunication services.

Earth Station

  • Earth Station is defined as a station located either on the Earth’s surface or within the major portion of the Earth’s atmosphere and intended for communication:
    • with one or more space stations; or
    • With one or more stations of the same kind by means of one or more reflecting satellites or other objects in space
  • Earth stations are categorized based on its size and portability:
    • Earth station less than 2.4 metre;
    • Earth station 2.4 metre and above;
    • Transportable Earth Station (less than 2.4 metre); and
    • Transportable Earth Station (2.4 metre and above)