Requirements For Applicant

The applicants are required to fulfill the following requirements in order to apply for the AA for IMT service:

  • Shall be allocated with spectrum by way of AA from the Commission;
  • Network Facilities Provider Individual (NFP(I)) license holder, who provides radiocommunication transmitters and links; and
  • Network Service Provider Individual (NSP(I)) license holder, who provides cellular mobile services.

Required Documents For Submission

The documents that are required to be submitted by applicant applying for AA for IMT service are:

No. Required Documents NFP (I) License Holder(Licensee)
1.  AA Application Form
2.  AA Application in Excel Form
3.  AA Application Fee (RM60 per application)
4.  Copy of CMA 1998 License(s) (For new client only)
5.  SIRIM Type Approval/Special Approval (for new equipment type)
6.  Other supporting document(s) that may be deemed necessary by MCMC

Long Term Evolution