Requirements For Applicant

  • A Network Facilities Provider Individual (NFP (I)) license holder, who provides radiocommunication transmitters and links;
  • Government Agencies; and
  • Private corporations/companies registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) for private use purposes only.

Required Documents For Submission

No. Required Documents Federal Government Non-Federal Government
1 AA Application Form (per application)
2 AA Application Fee (RM60 per application) -
3 Application Letter (with company’s letter head)
4 Authorization letter issued by applicant (In the event submission by vendor)
5 Network Diagram and intended coverage area (plotting in map)
6 Equipment and Antenna Specifications
7 Copy of Applicant’s Identification Card or Passport
8 Most recent Digital Certified True Copy (CTC) of incorporated of company under Companies Act 2016 (CTC registration under Companies Commission of Malaysia) -
9 Copy of Certificate of Conformity for Type Approval or Special Approval issued by SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd

Note :
(1) : For private network application, the minimum required number of mobile is 30 units per frequency channel
(2) : Submission of AA by foreign embassy is to be made through Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia