Application Fee

Application Fees can be referred in to the Second Schedule of Communications and Multimedia (Spectrum) Regulations 2000 and its amendments, as follows:

  1. Application for AA: RM 60 per application
  2. Application for variation of an AA: RM 20 per application
    Variation is not allowed for the following items:
    1. Change of AA holder;
    2. Coordinate of station;
    3. Type of station; and
    4. Frequency band.
  3. Application for certified true copy (CTC): RM 10 per application

Assignment Fee

Fees for Apparatus Assignment can be referred to in the First Schedule of the Communications and Multimedia (Spectrum) Regulations 2000 and its amendments. The Schedule consists of Table A (Fixed fees) and Table B (Variable fees).

Fixed fee:

Type of Apparatus Annual Fee (RM)
Land Station (more than 3 GHz) 240

Variable fees is subject to the frequency and bandwidth:

Frequency Bands Bandwidth (kHz) Variable Fees
(simplex - per channel)
Land Station (more than 3 GHz) 5000 440


Example of AA fees calculation

AA Fees calculation for CCTV station (TDD – simplex mode)

Authorization to use the spectrum for the point-to-point and hub station apparatus is by way of AA and the associated terminal station or Wireless CCTV camera is by way of Class Assignment (CA). Therefore, the AA fee is charged at the hub station only.

4 wireless CCTV systems using 1 channel of frequency in 5650 to 5725 MHz with bandwidth of 5 MHz:

Service No. of Application Type of Apparatus No. of Frequency
1 CCTV 1 (simplex)
Application Fee (RM) Fixed Fee (RM) Variable Fee (RM)
Fixed 60 240
[440] x [1] = [440]
[Variable Fee per frequency] x [No. of frequency] = [Total Variable Fee]
Total Annual AA Fees (RM)
[ 60 ] + [ 240 ] + [ 440 ] = [ 740 /1 hub station]
[Application Fee] + [Fixed Fees] + [Variable Fee] = [Total Annual AA Fees]